Who we are

Wildlife Explorer India is a Travel Company with over 15 years experience of accompanying thousands of wildlife enthusiasts to the beautiful national parks of India. This wildlife company was formed from a passion and enthusiasm for nature and adventure in wild places including independent travel experiences in trekking and climbing. We accompany our clients and travel with them in search of birds and wild-animals visiting the most beautiful wildlife sanctuaries, set in the spectacular scenery. Wildlife Explorer India is a specialist wildlife tour operator, who excels at tailor-making your trip to your needs and offer specifically personalized exceptional safari tours.


At WEI Holidays, we are ex-wildlife safari guides, delivering some of the unforgettable experiences to our clients from start to finish, by creating extraordinary holidays. Wildlife safaris as well as adventure tours, having incredible wilderness and adventurous experiences available in the natural world, are undoubtedly the area we specialise in. Both, Bali and Gurpreet are keen photographers and many of the images you see on this website of natural world and wild places are theirs.


Founder of Wildlife Explorer India, Balvinder Singh (Bali) is a wildlife enthusiast & photographer, who has worked as a safari guide/tour leader for a decade. He travels extensively in his quest to discover the wonders and wilderness of Indian wildlife across India, and follow his passion for nature and photography. His clients have been mainly British and French groups and individuals, and he loves being in the wilderness and sharing his knowledge with his clients.


Bali is an award winning guide & leader, and in 2010 he was nominated by Wanderlust magazine as one of the top ten leaders worldwide. He has a wide range of experience from leading groups to supplying logistical support which has given him insight into the varied needs of tourists. Having visited and explored these destinations, he has practical knowledge in wildlife sector, and has designed extraordinary itineraries ensuring we offer the finest wildlife encounters.


Gurpreet Singh is a passionate traveller and wildlife enthusiast who is also well-versed in English & French, had joined Bali in co-founding Wildlife Explorer India. His contacts (close relation) with hoteliers, local guides, safari drivers and with all service providers, nurtured over many years, means exceptional service for his clients. Gurpreet, an expert in tailor-made trips, handles your enquiries and offers you a safe, enjoyable and informative wildlife adventure, endeavouring to be quick and efficient.

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