Responsible Tourism

We at Wildlife Explorer India understand that we have a greater responsibility to ensure the long-term sustainability of our environment for the coming generations.


We strongly believe that tourism actively contributes to the conservation of natural heritage and positive cultural exchange. It also helps to the local communities by providing employment and development of local projects. Signing up with TOFTigers is part of that responsibility.


Wildlife Explorer India understands the fragile planet we live on and along with our clients we plant trees wherever we go and buy alternative cookers for villagers to reduce pressure on existing trees taken for firewood. By booking a holiday with Wildlife Explorer India means, contributing towards these projects that we support at our level best.

We have signed up with TOFTigers to ensure that we along with our clients and all the service providers will move forward towards a sustainable and low-impact travel / tourism.



  1. We ensure that our local staff. Forest guides, leaders, drivers, hotel staff gets good benefit out of our visit to their places.
  2. We encourage the local villagers on the periphery of the national parks to use alternative energies for cooking instead of firewood.
  3. We plant trees near the national parks we go to just to compensate towards the nature.
  4. We support TOFTigers policies and use only Pug eco certified lodges.
  5. We use those lodges & resorts whose staff is trained locally from local communities consequence the money you spend benefits the local community directly.
  6. Encouraging forest lodges / resorts to install Reverse Osmosis water purifier unit to avoid the huge consumption of mineral water plastic bottles.
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